Write an inequality of the graph shown above describes

Let me get rid of that 1.

writing inequalities

So if you think about this line, if you think about its equation as being of the form y is equal to mx plus b in slope-intercept form, we figured out b is equal to negative 2. That's the equation of this line right there. The stocks were not worth the same amount in the beginning, so if each stock loses half its value, the new values will not be equal either.

What can you say about how old she is now? So first we just have to figure out the equation of this line. This line will tell us-- well, let's take this point so we get to an integer. The ordered pairs on the solid line are a part of the solution. Graphing Solutions to Inequalities in One Variable A solution of an inequality is any value that makes the inequality true.

That is the inequality that is depicted in this graph, where this is just the line, but we want all of the area above and equal to the line. Substitute the ordered pair into the original inequality to determine which part or side of the line should be shaded.

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Writing Inequalities to Describe Relationships (Symbolic → Graph)