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The role of electronic media is very important now. The third question, where and how do you get news and information the most.

The Government of Pakistan realized the sensitivity and potential of private electronic media which could not be avoided through State controlled TV only.

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They are either looking at messages or checking a social network. How does censorship in the media affect adolescents.

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This is due to the fact that we are living in the technology era Newspapers have started to come off the printer more slowly over the past decade.

Social media is a faster way to get to everyone and everything, you can literally get to anything with the press of a few buttons Electronic can be a window to the world. Posted by Kawish Hassan at.

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On the other hand, electronic media is regarded as the maker and breaker of Govt. Social media is a faster way to get to everyone and everything, you can literally get to anything with the press of a few buttons The international politics are greatly influenced by the electronic media. The people have doubts about the success of governmental policies. None can avoid and escape from it. Media consolidation is closely related to issues of editorial liberation, media bias, and freedom of the press Common Cause , which are usually discussed by those who view it as dangerous to society We can also able to read online news paper, online magazine, we can able to know current market share price, weather forecast, we can also do the online shopping through internet. It is electronic media. In Pakistan like other developing countries, radio is the major source of information and entertainment due to its reach to the far flung areas and being relatively economical. Unorganized political parties have increased the influence of non-state actors in national politics, thereby vested interests are perpetuated, at the cost of national interests. The poverty and inflation has caused disparities in the society. This will conceivably enlighten and further the knowledge base of the American citizens on the strategies that are used to create the governmental foundation of democracy. The latest way to communicate is through social networking creating a more aggressive and invisible way for bullies to attack the innocent. Electronic media has also allowed for easier, less time consuming authoring and publishing Along with these are endless number of entertainment channel have come up to cater to this special section of the society of the society.

Owning a radio becomes a symbol of pride and social status. Leadership Style and Direction. History of development[ edit ]. People prefers to watch television instead of visiting people or socializing. Broadcasts carry news, analyses, commentaries and advertisements.

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A cylindrical stone seal with holes in both end to place a string or pin that were used as administrative tool, jewelry, or magical amulet Since the war of independence in neighbouring Afghanistan in the s, these religious groups have been encouraged and aided by the government of Pakistan and the US State Department. So basically, any type of communication that is transmitted by signals allowing people to give and receive information. In Pakistan the feudal and tribal society where rights of human being are violated is a matter of concern, people are not free to express their desire to govern. The people have doubts about the success of governmental policies. Related Links:. Over time, technology has progressed and has created new forms of and ideas about communication. This medium, however, is losing attraction in the public. The birth of electronic media took place with the invention of Radio when a single voice mile away thrilled millions across the continents who marveled at this miraculous hearing of a voice. Due to delayed justice people have lost hope in the system to get justice. Following is a brief description of some of the functions of the electronic media:- To Provide Information. It was a time when a man could hardly think about the unbelievable development that is within reach now. This growth has made available more knowledge and up to date information in all spheres of life to the general public. A second question, do you live in the suburb, rural area, or the metropolitan area.
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Role of Electronic Media Essay