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Why is it so important that home be dull and gray?

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Then the witch of the East a very beautiful witch I may add comes to greet Dorothy and thanks her. This is shown in the remarkable speed with which she switches direction. Just as we live an ego consciousness in our daily lives while simultaneously inhabiting infinite realms of unconscious spaces, we desire unimpeded access to our own interior space and we want to discover other worlds and dimensions decidedly outside of and away from that space. In the first act of the film, however, a series of existential threats compel Dorothy to make a disturbing wish for one so young to be somewhere else, and then to run away from home altogether. Clearly Baum values adherence to one's goals. In the film, however, Dorothy, caught unawares by the storm, is hit on the head by a window pane and knocked out of consciousness. Glinda exemplifies good through her wisdom and benevolence, showing Dorothy the way home; helping the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion realize their true callings; and freeing the Winged Monkeys from the Golden Cap. Critics who discern a Populist theme in the text point to self-sufficiency as an important component of the movement's ideology. The value of the journey Dorothy's route back to Kansas is not simple. In what ways is it completely unlike home? It shows us that the road home is the inherent and given birthright which we all have unimpeded access to every evening when we lay down our heads and go to sleep, and even explains why there are so many drugs on the market trying to keep people apart from their inner selves. As mentioned above, the film opens with a dirt road. As has been pointed out, the film seems to say that no one else can tell us how to get home, that we must learn it for ourselves, but that this knowledge is implicitly our own from the beginning.

It means the writer is thinking hard and adapting the argument to suit the evidence. This explanation has been taken up by a number of writers and scholars and some of these will be explored in this essay.

The house came crashing to the ground right on top of the wicked witch of the west killing her instantly with her striped stocking legs and red shoes hanging out.

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How, indeed? But the rest of the essay will be so much easier to write. When she was sleeping in her bed in her house and there was a huge storm that blew her house with her and her dog, Toto, away into the land of Oz.

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Denslow's charming illustrations reveal her to be a wide-eyed, spirited little girl. Of course, the reader will see right away that none of these characters are correct: the Scarecrow is the most intelligent of the bunch, the Tin Woodman is filled with compassion, and the Lion is full of courage and nobility.

Wizard of oz thesis statement
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