Vending machines in schools essay

With obesity come many health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes Spring, p.

removing candy machines in schools essay

My point is, if our government is so worried about competing in the global economy then they should first think about the nutritional health of students. Supporters of school vending note that the revenues provided by these programs can be critical to the operation of schools and school districts.

After all, it is less stressful to learn in an environment in which one feels safe and comfortable. In addition to that, most adolescents, especially those in elementary and junior high levels, do not have the mental capacity to be making the right decisions at that age.

I love Mrs. As part of obamacare, vending machines are now required to display the calorie information. This is costing companies extra money they probably do not want to spend, but may result in a healthier youth or even adults.

Together, these policies prohibited the sales of all foods that the school district considered to be junk foods, and soft drinks to students during school hours Vecchiarelli, p. This creates a conflict of interest. Finally, vending machines undermine the school lunch program.

A number of parents point out that the school environment does not reflect the health messages that they try to convey to their children. Think about the children who need that extra brain power until lunch.

Government involvement is needed to help with the problem. They also carry very limited-if any-healthy alternatives.

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Should Vending Machines Be Allowed in School?