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The directing is incoherent and baffling at points.

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Collins orders a bomb to burn down the evidence. Joey wakes up, and is about to shoot Payu when Xiao Xian kills him. Jaka reveals that he is on their side, and the reason why he had Payu and Long Fei arrested was to draw Collins out. The acting is awful and only a few good performances are given. Payu arrives and finally kills Collins. Jaka kills Mook by blowing her up with a grenade launcher , and then meets up with Collins to ally with him in taking down Payu, Long Fei and Xiao Xian, acting as a mole. In the ensuing chaos, Long Fei knocks out Joey by smashing a brick on his head, and helps Jaka kill Deveraux.

After healing Jaka and giving him food, Jaka made them drunk and then called the cops on Payu and Long Fei, who are arrested and sent to the Central Police Station. Jaka is kicked off the balcony by Collins.

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If you're a martial artsWhile the movie offers some pretty decent fight sequences with good choreographies and there's more than enough action to keep you entertained, the rest falls flat. Collins agreed, but then tells his crew and Jaka to use all their remaining money to get shooters in order to kill them all instead.

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Plot[ edit ] Deveraux enlists Payu and Long Fei, who are mercenaries, to go to Thailand for a humanitarian mission to free some prisoners. Long Fei and Xiao Xian meets up with Collins and his crew at the location, while Payu swiftly guns down all the shooters. Collins orders a bomb to burn down the evidence.

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After barely escaping from Collins twice, Payu calls Collins and tells Collins that he has Xiao Xian, stating that he will give her to him at the old Poker House, but only if Payu and Long Fei getsdollars and freedom.

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