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He taught me how to take 'background' work on my PhD and use it to motivate me to write. And though I may not have been writing every week, just having someone to talk to during a challenging period was very helpful. Complementarity: mentoring sessions will not cover English language skills see ELTC for this , proof reading of the thesis, or research topic-specific discussion. And she opened my mind to possible questions that I might expect during my Viva. However, now every teenager your supervisor recommends starting feel any kind of. We promise them a Community and Social Development, a lot of time. Of course sharing any tips you have from your own experience would be welcome.

You have made a huge difference. Most of all, she has helped me to remain calm when I was feeling stressed and anxious. The mentoring programme has really helped me to break through a mental barrier, without which I wouldn't have made the progress with writing that I've managed over the past couple of months.

She was an unjudgemental ear and I could talk to her about things I was finding difficult as well as working out solutions to these. She has an great personality and always made me feel comfortable to share my writing hiccups, even the silly ones.

We have very productive conversations during our meetings and she helped me a lot with my thesis writing management, and also on building up my confidence with thesis writing. Jenny made a definitive positive contribution to my PhD experience.

She helped me find a way to approach my deadline that finally made me feel comfortable about it, and proved effective. Data are used to make programme improvements, and to inform planning and development of educational programmes and services for doctoral students.

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