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This move backfired to a degree, as Schweiker's relatively liberal voting record alienated many of the more conservative delegates who were considering a challenge to party delegate selection rules to improve Reagan's chances.

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But she has remained close to the presidential race, meeting privately with several candidates and topping lists of potential vice presidents.

In practice, the number of times vice presidents have exercised this right has varied greatly.

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For the most part, these vice presidents presided over the Senate with an easy or indifferent hand, while a series of presidents pro tempore attended to administrative matters at the beginning and end of each legislative session. Last question: How often do you think about how close you were to winning the governorship, and are there any regrets from your run of last year? When the stalemate was finally broken, the House elected Jefferson president, thus making Aaron Burr our third vice president. The principal 20th-century growth in the vice president's role occurred when the national government assumed a greater presence in American life, beginning with the New Deal era and extending through the Cold War years. Also, the 25th Amendment says that the Vice President can act as President if the President is incapacitated can not do the job of President. Both Cheney and Biden were chosen for their experience in national politics experience lacked by both Bush and Obama rather than the ideological balance or electoral vote advantage they would provide. Three received the Nobel Peace Prize and one composed a popular melody. Soon he began to inject himself into the course of Senate proceedings, contrary to the well-worn practice that constrained his predecessors. Spiro Agnew was determined to make the most of that role and to expand his legislative functions as well.

It will give me philosophical evenings in the winter [while at the Senate] and rural days in the summer [at Monticello]. And that we should see those identities and embrace the politics of fixing the barriers, of removing the structural obstacles.

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I'm not running for vice president. In cases where the presidential nomination is still in doubt as the convention approaches, the campaigns for the two positions may become intertwined.

The new vice president

That means making sure that we are learning things from our campaign.

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