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Delacroix never married but was known for affairs with numerous women, including his models and possibly even Le Guillou who was with him until his death and to whom he bequeathed a self-portrait from Beginning up to the time of his death, he remained in a cottage at Champrosay.

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Finding models however was not always an easy task since many of the Muslims he met would not pose for the artist due to their religion's prohibition on the depiction of human images and as a result many of his subjects were Jewish people who were better able to welcome Delacroix into their homes to be sketched.

Throughout his career as a painter, he was protected by Talleyrand, who served successively the Restoration and king Louis-Philippe, and ultimately as ambassador of France in Great Britain, and later by Talleyrand's grandson, duke of Morny, half-brother of Napoleon III and speaker of the French house of commons.

With a restraint of palette appropriate to the allegory, Greece Expiring on the Ruins of Missolonghi displays a woman in Greek costume with her breast bared, arms half-raised in an imploring gesture before the horrible scene: the suicide of the Greeks, who chose to kill themselves and destroy their city rather than surrender to the Turks.

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In this painting, the beseiged king was presented as merely watching the guards as they carried out the king's orders to kill the animals, his concubines and servants. Two years later he again achieved popular success for his Massacre at Chios. It was in fact returned to the artist, who nevertheless managed to show it in a retrospective of his work at the World Fair. Nonetheless, Delacroix still received many government commissions for murals and ceiling paintings. Romanticism A trip to England in included visits to Thomas Lawrence and Richard Bonington, and the color and handling of English painting provided impetus for his only full-length portrait, the elegant Portrait of Louis-Auguste Schwiter , To the woman's left is a young boy brandishing two pistols. The nature of his talent is evident in the unity he achieved in his expression of the haughty pride of the conquerors, the horror as well as despair of the innocent Greeks, and the splendour of a vast sky. He was influenced by the works of Lord Byron, who was better known for incorporating forces of sublime in his creations. In an attempt to prevent the illness from recurring he wore a scarf tied around his neck which, while functional, also helped to establish his reputation as a fashionable man.

The artist succeeded in creating a scene that was emotionally stirring and powerful at the same time. His new home, set between the courtyard and the garden, was a peaceful haven at the heart of Paris, conducive to creation in all forms, be it drawing, painting, or writing.

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Today, it is visible in the Louvre museum. He went not primarily to study art, but to escape from the civilization of Paris, in hopes of seeing a more primitive culture.

He also strayed from classical themes and adopted a more modern approach by depicting dramatic narratives often drawn from current events with heightened color and dynamic compositions.

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Eugene Delacroix