The invention of writing and alphabet song

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Often the Egyptians fused scenes of life of the Pharaoh or even of ordinary people with the hieroglyphic writing, and in a very modern way writing and images trespassed on one another, enlightening each other. They used syllabic characters and they did not have anything to do with alphabetic writings.

This alphabet spread to the Russians and the other orthodox Slavic peoples who called it Cyrillic. The writing system which developed was mixed, containing pictograms and phonograms, as well as numeric signs.

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Note that the third line is lengthened and the fourth line is shortened, to compensate for the Dutch pronunciations. So, all previous three-dimensional objects were replaced with two-dimensional tablets, more handy to be handled and to be stored.

It was used also by the Egyptians to communicate with the princes of the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean sea.

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You can see the original sheet music and lyrics here. It is more or less from the same period that the oldest fragments of bones and pebbles with notches date from.

Slow progress In Syria, 10, years ago, people used clay tokens of different shapes to indicate agricultural products.

The invention of writing and alphabet song

The Latin alphabet was spread through the whole of Europe and, after the big geographic discoveries, carried to America and Oceania. It has to do with how we learn. Interestingly enough, the order of the original letters has managed to remain the same even as these variants of the Phoenician alphabet were changed to suit the local language. We know this because the earliest evidence of a consonant-based alphabet, in the form of graffiti-style inscriptions, was discovered along the Sinai peninsula. As I said, the writing that was born for administrative purposes was enriched by symbols having a phonetic value which allowed writing of words that were not possible to represent with a picture, such as the personal names and abstract concepts. These tablets were smaller and handier to use than the heavy mud balls. Figure 2 - Clay tokens used to mean farm animals or agricultural products. The pictogram is lacking. From the beginning, the Egyptians had the letters of the alphabet and they commonly used these signs among the others.

In BC, writing was used for legal purposes, for literature and school texts, etc.

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The History of Writing