The importance of consumer behavior to

The importance of consumer behavior to

Identifying these groups, behave and how they make purchase decisions enable the marketer to design and market products or services particularly suited to their wants and needs. Company finds it easy to sell its products. Consumer behavior concepts and theories have the most importance to marketers and salespersons. Direction means what customers want from a product or service. Brand loyalty is the tendency of a consumer to buy product products or services from a certain company that one likes or equates with having high quality goods and services. What irritates or delights them about available solutions to their problems? Blog Comments Consider keeping a spreadsheet of blog comments. Social listening refers to the practice of paying attention any time someone mentions your brand on social. Understanding these critical aspects of consumer behavior can make you a much better marketer.

Effective Use of Productive Resources: The study of consumer behaviour assists the manager to make the organisational efforts consumer-oriented. Studying consumer behavior helps companies to analyze the various factors that influence the buying decision of customers.

Some brands, for instance, donate a portion of their revenue to charity. The goal of a focus group is to better understand consumer behavior. Fortunately, Kajabi offers built-in analytics tools to help you get to know your target audience.

For instance, a customer may always prefer to buy premium brands of clothing, watches and other items etc. Learning consumer behavior will help you build better marketing materials.

importance of consumer buying behaviour ppt

For instance, the behaviour of urban consumers is different from that of rural consumers. How can you beat your competitors by reaching your target audience first? Design marketing mix- This is the fourth importance of consumer behaviour and it means that consumer behavior is very much vital in designing and approaching marketing mix to be chosen product, price, place, and promotion.

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Why Consumer Behavior is Important for Business Managers?