The controversy of sport hunting

Nor do the countries that issue trophy bans typically provide financial assistance sufficient to make up for the shortfall when hunting income goes away. Two people associated with the hunt, thought to be organized by Bushman Safaris Zimbabwe, have been arrested in Zimbabwe.

Arguments for trophy hunting

Zimbabwe's Parks and Wildlife Management Authority derives about 20 percent of its funding from hunting fees, more than half of which traditionally comes from American hunters. Background In Africa, trophy hunting is legally practiced in many countries and is considered a major part of the tourism industry. However, the removal of these males still degrades the networks and groups these species create in order to survive and provide for offspring. Typically, he will kill any existing cubs, in order to make room for his own offspring. Some countries do allow a small number of endangered species to be killed in the wild by sports hunters and, with approval from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species CITES , it is still possible to take the trophies home. The region accounts for nearly 40 percent of the continent's , elephants, according to data presented last week at a meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in Geneva. And in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Cooney said, hunting has pushed landowners into converting agricultural land into private wildlife reserves. The fact of the matter is albino deer, while incredibly beautiful animals, are genetically inferior. Continue Reading.

In a page report, the agency cited Zimbabwe's progress in creating a sound management plan for its 82, elephants and evidence that hunting revenue is in fact reinvested into conservation.

White rhino in South Africa.

Trophy hunting is wrong

He was wearing a GPS tracking collar at the time of the hunt. A case in point: hunters are not like natural predators. This also means poachers are even more of a threat since they target big males but also indiscriminately kill any individual they believe will profit them, he says. Use what you want. This is a win-win for all. Poaching was at the top. Communities in Botswana are now struggling with such a transition.

Sabrina Corgatelli's Photos On July 26th,Idaho resident and hunter Sabrina Corgatelli posted several photographs from her recent trophy hunting trip in Africa to her "ItalianHuntress" Instagram feed. Watch: Learn more about lions in peril.

If managed well, Coonery said, hunting finances landholders and communities, providing a crucial incentive for people not only to tolerate potentially dangerous wildlife but to protect it. After being initially met with positive feedback from her Twitter followers, the photograph was widely criticized after being posted by comedian Ricky Gervais.

Nature doesn't work that way. It is a philosophy that has no place in modern conservation. Eighty-six percent of hunters told the researchers they preferred hunting in an area where they knew that a portion of the proceeds went back into local communities.

Then they tracked it and finished it off with a gun.

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Trophy hunting