The characteristics of the positive learning environment

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4 types of learning environment

Debate In the optimum positive learning environment, curiosity is encouraged and healthy debate is the order of the day. If your school uses a block schedulethere will be more time on certain days spent in the classroom.

The characteristics of the positive learning environment

If your learning space tends to experience extremes of temperature, invest in extra heaters or fans as appropriate. What do I value about myself? A positive learning environment is one of the most critical components of a skills-based health education classroom. This will impact classroom discussions and behavior. Students must feel that the teacher cares about them, values their opinions, and views them as capable. Students, no matter what the age, need to be given independence and a choice in how they learn. Do I have any prejudice about certain students? No two students are the same and no two classes are the same. Facilitates applied learning in science, math, technology, art, and design. Overall quality According to experts in the field of education, well-planned, quality school facilities have a lasting impact on the educational experiences and creative activities in which students and teachers are able to engage. Continue Reading. Lighting The optimum learning environment is well-lit, with minimal contrast, ensuring that learners can read without straining their eyesight. What do I bring to the table?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? For example, university students might feel inspired by a scholarly atmosphere created by shelves full of academic books; children by having their own work displayed on the walls.

Exploring Personal Beliefs and Values What are my beliefs about teaching?

effective learning environment in the classroom

Do I treat any group of students differently because of a preconceived opinion? To read more about the FMP and the new buildings, click here. As children get older and university is on the horizon, students need to be presented with spaces similar to what they will see in post-secondary school to help minimize culture shock.

Attitude 1. And school facilities need to be built in such a way as to tailor the education to meet the needs of each and every age group. To that end, creating the right physical learning environment is essential.

It is important that you have a firm discipline policy that you enforce on a daily basis. For example, you will find that students from urban areas like New York City will have different characteristics than those from rural areas of the country.

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Creating a positive learning environment