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The whole plant, including the roots, is removed while leaving any desired accompanying plant species intact. Additionally, they take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for photosynthesis and give out oxygen as a by-product.

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Drill seeding Figure These large areas of bare mudflats exposed during drawdowns may be recolonized by terrestrial plants during drought years when water levels remain low but otherwise remain mostly bare and provide low-quality habitat.

In reservoirs that experience spring floods, planting can be delayed until water levels return to normal levels. Lashley, Mississippi State University.

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Because many submersed aquatic plants spread by fragmentation, hand cutting may exacerbate the problem, but that depends on the plant.

Establishment of aquatic plants has had some success through the establishment of a small, protected start-up of high-quality propagules, such as mature transplants, at strategic locations in the reservoir Webb et al.

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Indeed, it has been found that the use of appropriate species and management techniques can create plant communities that will survive and benefit from flooding and exposure Allen and Klimas ; Allen If planted as unrooted cuttings, the cut section can be placed in the substrate at the planting site. Drawdowns to control nuisance aquatic vegetation on B. Although the prospect of establishing native plants is appealing because of their potential to transform fish habitat, such programs have had mixed success. It is often used where site features prevent conventional methods from being used. Photo credit: E. Culture of rooted aquatic plants depends on providing adequate light, adequate nutrients through sediment, and adequate levels of inorganic carbon via the water, all of which can be controlled under culture conditions.
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