Technology and occupational therapy

occupational therapy assistive technology assessment

On this account, their lives can be made more livable and sustainable. Thus, it can be supported to fade hearing. The animal horn is only functionally related with the current hearing aids as well. The Focus series aims to better understand the attentional patterns of people with special needs, such as ADHD and autism, in order to increase engagement in the classroom.

Only one formal training program for training rehabilitation engineers exists in this country, yet many engineers and others are providing technology in clinical settings.

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The rapid rate of change in available technology means that occupational therapy practitioners not only have to stay current for applications in their area of practice AOTA,but they also must work closely with other professionals and particularly with relevant vendors as an advocate for the client, when necessary, to support the assistive technology decision-making process.

When he began to heal, he started to limp. Let us imagine we are at the Stone Age; a friend broke his foot in the hunt.

occupational therapy goals for assistive technology
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Assistive Technology Devices