Steps to writing a personal mission statement

You can write it as a statement that flows or with bullet points.

Personal mission statement examples

When we spend time doing things that we do well and enjoy, we give our lives meaning and enthusiasm. Your personality traits how you operate 3. Each statement is unique because no two people are exactly the same. It also enables one to chart a new course when they're at a career crossroads. Consider the principal ways you want to express yourself in these four basic areas. Ask them what you do well. Your best friend. This may be time consuming, but it will help you clarify your objectives and remind you of your capabilities. What did she say? How do you want to be remembered as a parent, a friend, or an employee?

Good work! Your mission statement should highlight your aptitudes and strengths because these are the things that give you joy and energy.

Steps to writing a personal mission statement

Start by thinking about your personal principles and goals in life. It is to help you decide how you want to step into each of the roles in your life and to clarify in concise words how you want others to perceive you. The greatest joy of all is being worthy of the respect and admiration of family, friends, and business associates. What impact can I make with my uniqueness? You can also name a top priority for who you are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can also ask trusted family, friends or colleagues what they see in you. What Is a Personal Mission Statement? Consider all areas of your life, as a spouse, friend, employee, parent, etc. What are the five most important things in my life?

You have to actually LIVE it. Once you complete it, put it where you can review it daily so it motivates you to honor it in all of your actions and decisions.

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The cost of writing a mission statement is small, but the payoff is huge because—simply put—it works! Ask them for feedback—but more importantly—ask them to keep you accountable. To enjoy every moment along this journey finding laughter, love, and happiness with each day that passes.

personal mission statement worksheet

In each of these areas, what is the most important way you want to express yourself? Feel free to borrow anything that resonates with you, but try to make it your own.

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Start by thinking about your personal principles and goals in life.

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How to Write a Personal Mission Statement: 12 Steps