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All in all, winter vacation is time for friends, family, cousins and lots of celebrations.

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There is festive vibe all around. I purchase a gift for my sister. December and January are the peak winter months during which we feel lots of problem because of much cold weather.

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I especially love the different kinds of sweet dishes prepared by my grandmother. Some animals profusely gather and store food, in preparation for winter months when the sources are dead and gathering impossible.

The sky remains bright and clear which give us pleasure.

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The winter rain is also expected during this time making the weather even colder. This was great news. Winter is also a time of fruits, many fruits such as guava and oranges as well as many vegetables become available during winter. My father plans everything in advance to ensure a smooth trip. Last year, we travelled to Shimla during the winter vacations. During the vacations we visit our cousins or call them home to spend few days together. Conclusion All in all, this winter vacation was different from the rest. The atmosphere during winter season changes drastically compared to other seasons as we witness snowfall, cold rains, thick fog and sudden drop in temperature. Due to the severe cold weather conditions in the winter, people have to face lots of difficulties while going out of their homes. Winter Season Essay 6 words Introduction Winter season is one of the four seasons in India, starts from December and lasts till March. In this season, hilly regions looks like an awesome scenery.

The classes were conducted every alternative day. The main agents of winter season are the cold winds and frost which make this weather more dry dull and chill.

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