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Go for it! I have worked with seasoned strategy consultants and international clients. I am really excited to attend courses such as Strategy Management of Technology which would help me towards my short-term goal.

Schulich mba

You generally will get behavioral questions such as, what would you do if you are faced with a particular XYZ situation in office, how would you chose your group members as a leader etc. It a perfect B-schools with for aspirants with low acads and low investment potential. With most number of students going into financial services, Marketing and Operations this is a decent change from the typical MBA placement pattern where consulting almost always leads the charts. You need not stress about it. Explain the issue clearly and maintain greater focus on the correction for the issue. The Schulich MBA program limits the number of core required courses in order to offer as many as 20 different areas in which students can specialize in their second year — for example in business and sustainability, marketing or global mining management. If I recollect rightly, you get 30 seconds after you hear the question to form an answer and speak in front of the camera. After thorough research and consultations with current students, I firmly believe an MBA degree from Schulich coupled with experiences I have gathered at Deloitte, can help me achieve my career goals. Growing up in an international city allowed me to become a multicultural individual and develop into a young woman different from my counterparts in Asia and here in the United States as well.

Deloitte has given me opportunities to hone my analytical and problem-solving skills while working on challenging projects in Health Insurance and Pharmaceutical verticals.

Thing to Consider The average salary across all the sectors is consistently lower than what Rotman or Ivey. I am an Asian-American woman living and working in the global city of New York. It also allows me to develop my own distinctive combination of strengths that are not found elsewhere.

The first of the recorded questions will be a get-to-know-you type of question, and the second will relate more to the workplace.

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Another approach could be to show your grand vision of your future and then show where you are in the present moment, making a case for MBA to take you to your future.

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Schulich MBA Sample Essays and Application Tips