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What do my findings suggest?

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A Final Word The project described in this report was conducted according to a carefully designed process for developing messages to improve the pub- lic understanding of engineering. Nonetheless, plausible arguments can be made for different values of these thresholds.

Surveys of small businesses about their subcontracting experience could also be helpful.

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Each recommendation begins with an imperative verb instructional word : for example, improve, do not, reduce. Although measuring the out- comes of public outreach efforts is notoriously difficult, a campaign of this scope must include a substantial evaluation component to ensure that we can determine what works and improve upon elements that are not as effective as anticipated.

Often someone will commission or design a report simply to list possible solutions, not to investigate how to implement them.

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All definitions should be clearly specified, the attributes and strengths and weaknesses of alternative data sources and alternative disparity measures should be clearly described, and the results of internal and external evaluations should be presented.

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