Poetry business writing day challenge

I may even post pictures of it. And always you can see the sea, the outer islands, Rhum floating on the horizon, the whole Cuillin range to the north.

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Then I got a printer- a chap who prints things, that is. I am a glass of Rioja. The first time we came here, 30 years ago, I could make no sense of Skye. And we were timid.

Poetry business writing day challenge

Which brings us to sheep, and thus to desire paths. I asked. Magic, too, to watch a pod of six dolphins playing with the bow wave of a fishing boat coming into Eishort. One in particular. It sounds infinitely worse than it is. His commitment shows itself in the regularity of successful submissions. And also having Effie round for afternoon tea and cake no cheese, thank you. And next week is the start of a lot of poetry stuff. A book launch for Steve Nash up at Mytholmroyd on Monday…. Or, like Jane Clarke, go to sleep with it under my pillow. Luckily the winged gods of Hermes did actually manage to deliver the rest of the pamphlets in time, which I found under a bush in my front garden……………………………………. Dates of all the workshops will be agreed in advance. Off you go, and buy them. The sheep have wandered down and up the other side.

It was a wonderful experience. Pain-free hill-walking.

poetry pamphlet submissions
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April PAD Challenge: Day 1