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Sainsbury has also maintained a strong EPS in The companies represent quite good comparable criteria according to business and geographical presence e. Return on capital ratios were largely influenced by the efficiency in employing the capital; some ratios already disclosed help to appreciate the higher efficiency of Toyota in employing its capital and to explain the ROE composition according to the DuPont formula.

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Financial Reporting International. However, Sainsbury has also maintained a consistent increase in this ratio. Tesco is able to cover its interest expense with its profits. All these features will cause volatile financial performances with effects on the prices of their shares and the return to their investors. Comment 8 I am not convinced of some of your analysis. You can also add me on Skype ghostwritingmania or email me ghostwritingmania yahoo. Hence financial gearing seems backed by adequate operating cash flow generation capacity and a strong financial structure. Many students might not be able to complete their thesis during the available time-frame, thus for such students, there are different companies providing assistance. There might be a possibility of over gearing by investing too much of its debt in investments, or it might also foresee a possibility of over trading as their sales rate are increasing more rapidly internationally than in the UK 6. You say ROCE in decreased due to ongoing liabilities of Deepwater but surely this effect would be there in as well. References 5.

With the result of causing additional costs and affecting the brand - Weak presence in the emerging markets. However, your finical analysis is extremely brief in places, and lacking in detail.

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The table below shows the debt and equity figures of Tesco for the period in millions. Rising raw material prices are especially important to automobiles manufacturers - Intense competition.

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Tescos general merchandise business has been resilient and it remains an important contributor to the growth. Sydney: Nova 32 Publishers. FedEx and it need to explain the reasons for who is performing better and why, not just looking at the ratios itself. They have also joint venture with O2 for telecom and Financial services with the Royal Bank of Scotland which also contributes to the nonfood sales. At first, you should demonstrate how you have learned from the meeting with your project thesis mentor. Conclusions and recommendations Thanks to global presence and a long term history of leadership and innovation, Toyota has become a recognized leader within the automotive industry. The increase in current ratio must have helped in obtaining inventories even in bigger quantities to get more bulk discount in order to reduce the cost of sales. Thanks to good operational cash flow generation, despite important organic investments, Toyota was able to maintain a stable and satisfactory dividend pay-out policy with a limited financial gearing and very low risks concerning liquidity and solvency. Limitations to this analysis are related to the use of accounting figures and to historical ratios; future unexpected shifts of the business model are not incorporated in these figures and could hence lead to unpredictable effects whenever the consolidation area or the strategies pursued by the company should change significantly. SWOT analysis has the tendency of overlooking key strategic aspects of company internal factors. Tesco direct and Tesco homeplus has increased the non-food sales significantly. Toyota Financial Results, Both Toyota and Nissan had important pay-out ratios and were able to keep their financial debt under control. SWOT analysis can be referred to corporate appraisal attributed to its 8 evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the context of a company. This is likely to need more research. Ratios on their own without proper referenced explanations of what has actually driven the changes in the movements is insufficient to pass the evaluation and analysis assessment criteria.

Similarly, once done with your experience, you now have to justify the extent you have achieved the objectives of your RAP. Both inventories and receivables are liquid and this gives Toyota a quite good ability to convert short-term assets in cash without big issues and time delays.

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Sainsbury The table shows the figure of Sainsburys debt and assets for the period in millions. Pay in instalments and that too after you receive the first draft. Tescos UK stores are divided into six formats, differentiated by size and range of products sold. Among many non-food products, the most products which were sold in volume and value includes consumer electronics, stationary, DIY and clothings. This will demonstrate your understanding of the material. Your conclusion should also address the research objectives and research questions. India: Financial Times. Your research objectives must be related to the topic and business models used. It does not include any research work and thus, you have to share your own experience. ROCE can be affected by the capital structure of a company, and is susceptible to a number of other factors such as accounting policies, etc. Thie creates some issues in the competitive positioning against a global leader such as GM who has a great market share in these countries.

Vehicles require high marketing efforts in order to differentiate the product and raise awareness among final customers Toyota - 20F. While inSainsbury increased its PPE as well as inventory to boost up its assets and reducing the liabilities by decreasing their short term borrowings.

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The group distributes vehicles under the Lexus, Toyota, Daihatsu and Hino brands. According to disclosure in the notes page the assets of the Associates cover the liabilities; hence no significant potential risks are disclosed in these notes. Bargaining power of customers buyers : high The automotive demand is a traditionally characterized by a quite elastic demand curve since people have a higher willingness to purchase a new car when they feel good about the economy Yong,

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Toyota Financial Results, Unfortunately the financial reports do not give adequate disclosure about the cost differentiation and for this reason it is not possible to analyse better the profitability drivers. The company was however able to pay significant dividend pay-out and to make son buy back policies. The financial analysis has been taken according to the public information available at this date, November the 13th Analysis is run according to several assumptions, which might present a different situation of the organization than what it is in reality. Both Toyota and Nissan operate with positive working capital that it means the company have receivable higher those payables due to the fact that both Toyota and Nissan offer finance facilities to the buyers of vehicles. Interest Coverage Ratio It should be noted that the lower the interest coverage ratio, the larger the debt burden is on the company. If the turnover period keeps on increasing, this will affect its relationship with its supplier as the suppliers would receive their payments late. Finally your project before recommendations barely reaches words so you have some room to improve your analysis relatively easily. You need to fully explain the trends in the ratios, not just describe the changes. List of reference 12 Question1: What did you learn from meetings with mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your project mentor? Toyota has successfully acquired other car companies in the past and should continue doing so to grow, gain new skills, assets and access to new markets Martin and Fernando, Annual Reports. In addition, the company can take the opportunity to provide safer and more satisfactory to meet or exceed the laws of the consumer. Toyota adopted this guidance on April 1, There has also been a increase in the ratio during when the ratio increased from
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