Oaks sessay maple

As I was en-route with Frontrow, I said that 40lb would win today and 20lb would be a good weight.

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This lake is stocked primarily with Carp in the 8oz to 5lb range, there are also bonus Carp to 10lb in the lake. Here I loose fed 4mm pellet and fished banded pellet over the top. Now it was my turn. I re-baited and shipped back out and waited and waited and waited. A top kit plus one section to the right can be a very good place to fish when the hungry specimens are really having it, although so far this year they've rarely come close enough to catch here yet! I lowered the rig in and waited. It is obvious that he had gone as he didn't want to hang about to get some well deserved abuse due to blanking. No feeding with a pole while fishing with a rod. I was struggling with meat so I decided to swap the hook length to banded pellet and moved to another clump of reeds across and tried this for around 10 minutes. If you are missing bites on the cat meat, try a pellet or a grain of corn over the top. Beech has carp averaging about 2lbs and has more bonus mirrors and commons, meaning lb fish, and the ide are worth catching since they average about 1lb, but are far less numerous than in Sycamore.

I tried meat and caught a couple of barbel and a couple of carp. Dave Horsfall Peg 10 - 22lb odd 3.

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Some 5 minutes later, the float dipped, shot under and the fish ran towards me. First drop in the float buried and a carp was safely netted. A quirky Oaks rule is that 'gardening' is only allowed to the right hand side up to half way to the next peg, consequently you'll find a " deep area tight to the bank. I had been feeding meat by hand sporadically since the start of the match and I hoped this would produce a few fish. Both are very well stocked with both F1s and carp, there are also ide, skimmers, perch, barbel and roach but they are not the species to try and win with, the roach in particular can be a problem on soft pellet and so many regulars only fish a hard hair-rigged pellet. This seemed to work well and I did hit more bites. The lakes are well stocked with mostly mirrors and commons, with some F1s, ide and barbel. This has been a strong line in recent weeks. I lowered the rig in and waited.

Woofer put 15lb on the scales, Frank tipped back and Alan weighed in about 13lb odd. It was about 7lb.

Oaks sessay maple

No feeding with a pole while fishing with a rod. I was now in 3rd place with three more anglers to weigh. I must of waited for all of 1 minute, the float dipped, shot under and 10ft of white hydro elastic was trying to get out of the pole. The pegs then slope down to four to six feet deep and are pretty much flat until sloping up again at 12m to the central bar at 13m and it's typically three to four feet deep from there to your half-way limit I'd guess about 22m. I made the decision to start feeding my margin a little earlier than I would normally because I had noticed a couple of anglers near me were picking the odd fish up from their margin swims. A rushed bacon and egg sandwich and Gary dropped me off near Maple a little later than expected. I had managed to come 3rd and my predictions were not a million miles out as although 40lb did not win, I did say that 20lb would be a good weight.

Another 'pest species' is crayfish, which spread into most of the Oaks Lakes from the original crayfish farming pond that pre-dated opening as a fishing venue, these can give you endless false bites before you finally hook one and realise why you couldn't connect!

This never worked either, confirming my thoughts about the fish not wanting to be in the shallow depths.

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In summer, pellet across to the island. Barry Hunter Peg 1 - 19lb odd.

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