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Nigeria has been committed to globalization in very elaborate contexts, and one evidence of this is her signing of the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade GATT and the World Trade Organization WTO agreements to engage in trade according to their standards.

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And years before that, we would have seen slave ships in the Cawthorne Channel. Is terrorism in Nigeria a consequence of globalization?

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The education sector is poorly funded. Has globalization failed in Nigeria? An individual terrorist can be motivated by personal reasons, such as unfair dismissal from work place, divorce, death of loved ones, frustration, depression, unstable homes or insecurity at home, or, as has been suggested by Lee and Pearl, financial motivation.

The concluding part of this paper focused on the strategies to be adapted to free Nigeria from the clutches of economic relegation. Here the movement of the Ogoni people led by Ken Saro-Wiwa was key.

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This therefore raises two questions: is a lone attacker or bomber a terrorist? One of the proponents of the realist school of thought is the United States Government.

There has been an increasing trend of terrorism in Nigeria.

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In a country as ethnically complex and politically fragmented as Nigeria, that means powerful forces vested in the oil complex and a reservoir of grievances about who has access to oil revenue and who does not. Life expectancy in the Niger Delta is The education sector is poorly funded. This definition illuminates the concept of terrorism. Over the last five years the government has begun very positive steps, particularly the establishment of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The agricultural sector is drastically affected. There has been an increasing trend of terrorism in Nigeria. A century ago those tankers would have been steamships coming for palm oil, which was critical for lubricants and soaps in an emerging industrial economy. That said, while some of the activity in the Delta is a political project, some is just organized crime. It suggests the panacea to ameliorate or eliminate the negative effect of globalization and to domain the positive side of globalization as a vehicle for economic development of Nigeria and other Third World countries. Poverty, accompanied with its consummate terminal deceases has been rife. Nigeria has been part of global markets for years, a history captured in Bonny Island itself.
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Has globalization failed in Nigeria?