My favourite means of transport essay

The sport I like the most is table tennis. Because you have just moved a new apartment and it has also changed many of your daily activities and habits.

When they fell tired, they often try some ways to relax such as listening music, reading book or travelling.

Even if it consums a lot of gas, and it's expensive, I think nowadays you cannot resist without it.

My favourite means of transport essay

Yours, Lan Topic 7: Do you like playing games on the computer — or have you got a Play - Station Dear Lee, I am happy to know you have just bought a new computer game.

The second biggest changes in my life is that I have just got married. After lunch, I go to visit my grandparents about 20 km in the countryside. It is 40 km for my house from there. It is about a long story between a cat call Tom and a mouse call Jerry.

my favourite mode of transport is bus

We all know that stress kills us slowly. My favourite means of transportation is the car. That is my weekend and my trip to the countryside. For example, we can go swimming in the rivers near the city centre.

My favourite mode of transport car

On weekend, I usually meet my friends for outdoor activities. Best regards, Lan Topic Writing a letter talk about your weekend and some activities in countryside. I often plant some trees in there. I do not cook well, but my wife likes it very much. I think Tom and Jerry are lovely animals. I hope it is an interesting. In addition, you should drink enough water. In your email, you tell me about your travelling to Paris by airplane last week. Those are some reasons I like motorcycle. But I try to pass this exam. We stayed in a two star hotel.
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My Favourite Transport Car Essay