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Possibly provide testimonials from other clients, who may have been sceptical about PP in TV shows 2. Cost per viewer was performed based on viewership numbers when CBC aired the show in The presentation can also highlight the effects of new technology on the business of product placement.

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MMI must reassure the apprehensive Greyhound that merchandise placement can be an effective method for consumer understanding. By convincing Greyhound of the benefits of product placement and successfully executing the placement, opportunities for additional placements with Laidlaw Group would become available.

To compensate for this perception of diminished advertising returns, marketers have substantially ratcheted up the role of product placement in their buying strategies.

Negotiate a contract with producers of Corner Gas.

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Greyhound can be apprehension about the concept being seen by the proper viewers and be shown within an unfavourable light. Merchandise placement enables heighted manufacturer recognition.

They provide value opportunities, which provide exposure at an extremely attractive cost. MMI need to convince Greyhound that merchandise placement is the key to customer and understanding.

Is the growth of digital product placement set to continue.

Financial Analysis A financial analysis was performed on cost per viewer for PP and traditional ads. MMI has 4 alternatives to consider in deciding the best product placement strategy. One of the key strategies is product placement.

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MMI Merchandise Placement: Interaction and Personal Offering Essay