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Once I had this basic structure set up, one of the most helpful things I did was write a draft of every single introduction to every chapter.

And it gets cheaper and cheaper. Two, it helped me keep my motivation as I saw that number go up.

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To have everything in one place is an enormous convenience that has become a necessity. The mp3 app shows the current title and animates it , the Dock shows a new mail, and Skype suddenly opens with another instant interruption message. Because I keep my bibliography in a Circus Ponies Notebook file, I am used to copy-pasting references into the article manually. If you are returning to refresh yourself Since it deals with rich text files, it handles footnotes by putting them in the right sidebar rather than in the text file see above. You could probably get Word to behave like Scrivener — for the most part. And, ultimately, that is the beauty of Scrivener and its Binder. A summary states what you found out.

Summary I had rarely so much fun writing than while using Scrivener. Yes, I know Mellel will let me get fancy with shading, show or hide grid lines, and so on. It will open a drop-down menu that lets you select the meta-data columns you want to see.

Index cards for Synopsis Granted, I did not use this feature much — yet.

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Immediately after first seeing the GUI, I could see the ways in which it could be easily adapted for historians. Next, With Scrivener in Outline View and your Manuscript selected in the Binder, click the little square, just below the split screen icon, with the little double arrows. While it may sound crazy not to take the pages into account after all, who wants a single line of a section on the beginning of a page it actually makes sense. Until then, I can concentrate on the writing. The fullscreen writing mode … great if you want to concentrate on the text. Scrivener has an easy annotation tool that lets you write your annotations into the text but marked in red. Got something that you want to have available everywhere in the document? Much, much better than the version control of any other writing program — Scrivener lets you quickly create backups of your texts. Sounds tedious — it is. Then subsequent subdocuments for each distinct part of the chapter. Target: This one, along with another that called Target Type which I forgot to turn back on for this screen shot lets you set your target per document or folder. At the end of that post, I offered to share my project template and Chicago-style Compile or export preset. Instead of creating a new version of the document and wondering in which version the golden sentence is days later , you can simply create a snapshot of the part you are working on. Making references to different parts of the document has never been so easy.

In that first post, I was describing how I used Scrivener for a journal article length piece of writing.

So with this example of trying to finish in a little over a year from when I first prepared these screenshotswith a little over words written, I only have to muster up the courage to put down words three times a week to stay on track. When you open a Word document, you open it with a specific format, e.

Much, much better than the version control of any other writing program — Scrivener lets you quickly create backups of your texts. For example, during a previous project, I used a collection to document a public debate by importing newspaper pieces, pamphlets, and scans of private correspondence and arranged them chronologically.

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