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Its cookies are special with a crisp, nutty and richly flavoured at just the right size. Fluency in foreign languages is unevenly distributed. This is also a form of promoting its products. The population in Shanghai made up mostly of Chinese therefore we must consider incorporating their culture such as avoiding taboo colours, emphasizing on aesthetics that they usually prefer such as quality products with the association of richness and prosperity.

Globalization has also increased market competition therefore increasing the importance of effective international marketing.

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It is the franchise holder of the "Famous Amos" chocolate chip cookie in Malaysia. This includes cookies and other same genre type items such as muffins, etc.

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This segment can be reached through advertising in magazines and newspapers. As for Famous Amos products, religion plays little role in shaping the product itself.

Over the years, thousands have slaved over the hot stoves trying to recapture the sensational preference created on that glorious day in Lowell, Massachusetts. This is because, I did not know they produce a new product until I visited a Famous Amos store located in Tampines. It products also includes muffins and brownies. All gift packaging are also complimented with decided on imported chocolates and premium mugs which can be creatively jam-packed into unique products. Since Mandarin is the official spoken and written language, it is wise for Famous Amos to label its products in dual-language Mandarin and English. The scenario chosen by this study is the confectionary product done by Famous Amos. In my findings. Famous Amos has also stays competitive and innovative in managing its products. However, the core benefits that customer received is actually the exceptional taste of Famous Amos Cookies. It does not have mass advertising that will subsequently inform its consumer about their existence or that they are still there to offer them the delicious sweet treats, their Cookies.

Famous Amos opportunity is having international expansion and threats that it may face is the increase in aging population when its target audience are mostly young adults. They serve the consumer with its finest and freshly made cookies. Celebrated Amos received an International Brand Recognition.

Field and Little Jerry's Place. Environmental and Internal Analysis West et al. Recommendations and SuggestionsFamous Amos promotion has always been its key weakness to its competitor such as Mrs. This shows that Famous Amos has the advantage over its rivals for its distribution country. For example, 3-series phone is more suited for young people To do this effectively, they must examine three general factors: 1 section elegance i. Marketing Tactic — Advertise the product in France and Spain first and then open up to other European countries if the campaign is successful. It can also come out with products that are appealing to the health-conscious group to gain larger market share. Celebrated Amos does non necessitate experience bakers and merely required a minimum infinite for its shop to run.
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Marketing analysis of Famous Amos (Singapore)