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With Extended Cab models, includes rear and rear quarter windows. On the heels of these efforts we now hear that General Motors has inked a new deal with Navistar to develop and market a new series of conventional, Class 5 and 6 vocational trucks.

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Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle. Though some goods described on this website may be described as new or used, some components of the good may be new and others used. There will be some cosmetic differences between the two, but the trucks will be the same at their core.

The move comes four months after GM announced that it would re-badge and distribute Isuzu-built medium-duty trucks under the Chevy brand, beginning in DEALER makes no representations, expressed or implied, to any actual or prospective purchaser or owner of this vehicle as to the existence, ownership, accuracy, description or condition of the listed vehicle's equipment, accessories, price, specials or any warranties.

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The previous generation of heavy GM trucks offered a five-speed Allison transmission.

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