International business and communication

For example, some Japanese people may listen attentively while putting their heads upon their arms and closing their eyes. In some cultures, it would be extremely rude to point at a person directly with one finger.

The University will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examinations, the International Baccalaureate IBor a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our Foundation Pathways, for entrance to undergraduate programmes. The Speaker Just like different words mean the same thing in different languages, body language is by no means universal.

This is applicable for applicants in both quota 1 and quota 2. Preferences for visual aids, graphics, and color schemes may vary from culture to culture, too. Is it simply a way of establishing relationships and creating good will? If you disagree with an idea presented by a person in management, it is not a good idea to say so in front of subordinates.

You will also be part of a study group.

How do companies communicate internationally

Quota 1 7. The Saudi person may have gone to prayers as he considers the business meeting more of a discussion than a formal meeting. You will probably be working within the framework provided by corporate identity and design. This can cause confusion. International Communication Errors Understanding the local meaning of a word or phrase is a vital aspect of international communication. The University will consider students who have achieved good grades in their High School Graduation Diploma with at least 5 university-preparatory level Grade 12 courses. Below is an example of a typical week on the first semester of the programme. The admission requirements must be met and documented by 5 July in the year of application unless you apply for conditional admission. Quota 2 Like quota 1 applicants, quota 2 applicants must have passed a qualifying examination, and they must also fulfil the specific admission requirements above. Academic regulations In the academic regulations, you can read more about the requirements you must meet as a student and about the programme structure. All these unspoken expectations and many more are possible. Will there be an argument about the pros and cons of a proposal before reaching a decision? You can work in areas such as HR and marketing, in PR and communications departments or in language departments in companies both in Denmark and abroad. You also learn to express yourself correctly in English in business contexts, and you gain an understanding of political and cultural conditions in English-speaking countries.

In Taiwan, the translation became, "Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the dead. Marks and specific levels of qualification from your qualifying examination are not included in the 12 months. For example, when you are meeting with a group of people from the Asian culture, you have to be aware of hierarchy issues.

effective communication in international business
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BSc International Business with Communications