Indian democracy essay in english

Democracy-cannot exist without discipline. Marji Desai as the Prime minister. Essay 5. In such a system, a citizen is the ruler and at the same time the subject and thereby it conforms to the axiom that a just government is a government by consent of the governed.

Demerits of Direct Democracy: The most serious demerit of direct democracy is that it is out-dated and out-molded and not at all suitable for a modern state which is very vast and so cannot be brought under the umbrella of direct democracy.

Indian democracy essay in english

Socialist democracy is a kind of democracy. Since the days of Aristotle. Democracy does not ensure liberty or equality. The lure of power made some to deviate from the democratic path and resort to undemocratic methods to Consolidate their position. Democracy-cannot exist without discipline. Difference between Liberal Democracy and Socialist Democracy: Liberal democracy and socialist democracy differ on the following points. The Working of Democracy in India Every citizen of India, above the age of 18 years, has the right to vote. Indian democracy has already withstood The cure for the ills of democracy lies in more democracy. The people must be disciplined. Fortunately, the constitutions of India, France, Australia and the USA have written provisions in which the fundamental rights are guaranteed. His vigilant sympathy must be directed against all kinds of injustice. People should be elevated. The most essential prerequisite for the successful functioning of democracy is that the people must be strong and courageous.

His vigilant sympathy must be directed against all kinds of injustice. The ceremonial head of the state, that is, the President of India is elected by an electoral college for a period of five years, while executive powers are vested in the Prime Minister.

In operational terms this theory requires certain sequence in the functioning of the government. In his Republic, Plato reserved political power for the philosophers so much so that he believed that the evils of the society can be removed only if the philosophers made the rulers.

In contrast, democratic socialism is more democratic and less socialist.

Democracy in india success or failure

In contrast, the elitists believe that only a few persons are enlightened and efficient enough to run the government and so these privileged few, who are more intelligent, should alone be invited to hold on the reins of political power. Now let us examine the situation in a country where there is dictatorship. Under the effective leadership of the Indian National Congress, the people of India attained the right to vote and elect their government. The differences sought to be created out of it, are a cause of serious concern. The former word means the people and the latter word means power. This shows that democracy as later practised in Greece was already in existence in ancient Indian polity. Here is a look at these factors: Illiteracy Illiteracy among people is one of the biggest challenges the Indian democracy has faced ever since its inception. Let us have a look into Bangladesh. The democracy is the force that has kept so many linguistic, cultural, racial, regional and religious groups, sections, sects and sub-nationalities of India together. We should have faith in justice for all.

If there is no written constitution, the rights of the people will be vague and uncertain. Not only that. Apart from these, many regional parties come forward for elections to state legislatures.

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It does not disgrace or promote any religion. Only the Government does not constitute democracy.

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Future Of Democracy In India Essay • English Summary