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The writer could improve the readability of this sentence by cutting unnecessary wording. Athletes also have different motives as to why they drink compared to everyone else because they have different stressors than their counterparts.

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Related post: How to write an Essay Introduction Following the hook should be several background sentences. All body paragraphs follow a universal format involving five basic sentence types: Topic Sentence.

The thesis is the idea you are going to support throughout the rest of your essay by providing examples and explanation.

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Does having a lot of money means being happier? Athletes have to deal with unique stressors in comparison with students who are non-athletes. Body Paragraph 1: Proving that trust is the best policy.

Illustration essay thesis

The year old soccer player had a blood alcohol level of 0. The critical thing to ensure when writing the illustrative paper is that it doesn't end up sounding like a long and tedious list of examples. Stuck with your essay task? Describe the importance of education for women. People are becoming more self-centered nowadays. Below this is what an outline of your statement should look like: Topic. Check out this no-frills outline: Illustration Essay Sample Be sure to check the sample essay, completed by our writers. Why are developed countries experiencing declining birth rates? Tips from our writers — free takeaways! How do they influence us?

An interview means having a face-to-face conversation with people who are experts in the fields connected with your topic. Depending on the complexity of the subject identified in the topic sentence, the writer may need one to three or more background sentences.

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Explain why artificial intelligence can be dangerous. You will use this statement to create the outline for your paper, leading you to executing the writing successfully. Example 2: Absence of trust between people ruins relationships. Though the thesis functions well enough, it could be improved by combining the two sentences and using more effective wording. Having an outline also lets you have a better vision of how your final paper will look like. Body paragraphs The introduction is followed by the body paragraphs in which you should present all the evidence and examples you've come up with so far. Let's see what a typical outline for the illustration essay may look like: Thesis: Trust is the best policy, a manifestation of true love, and the basic principle of all relationships. Can we believe history books which have been rewritten many times? These sentences provide key information the audience may need to fully understand the concept being illustrated in the essay. Finally, the last sentence of the introduction paragraph should be the thesis statement. A long narrative about your personal feelings about winter may seem relevant to the topic, but it doesn't prove that most people hibernate. Background sentence s. Did you like this article? Sometimes referred to as the exemplification essay, the illustration essay explains a general principle or idea by using a number of well-chosen examples.

Your task is to pick only the most important and relevant examples. Describe the problem of global warming. Illegal immigrants contribute positively to the wellbeing of the countries they stay in.

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Need to use headings like these in your APA paper?

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