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There are people that are prioritizing selling their home quickly, over selling it for as much as they can, or sometimes selling it for below commission. Having a paid advertising campaign on platforms like Google and Facebook makes it easy for you to scale as your operation grows, and so does your budget.

So, it really can be that simple. What are the actions you're going to take to get that outcome? That's a good point, because what we asked our clients is, "What's your focus for this year?

So how do you make yours stand out? With smartphones, Uber or Google sort your predicted search by recent activity, so consumers expect every app and marketing campaign to do the same. If you'd like me to put together a simple report, I can, but if you're actually thinking of selling your home soon, I could put together a much, more, advanced report.

The other cool thing you can do, once you put in your zip code, and then once you put in Make Me Move, you can then save that search. Stories are going to overtake posts for popularity. Well, we think of it as, if you're in the top of the inbox, you're top of mind. I want to go over tip number one here.

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