How to write a good hiphop life story song

Mention streets where certain events take place, talk about brands you favor and dislike, and possibly even mention names of local people others will also know. It's important to have the hook accomplish two things. Use the upbeats to add a syncopated feel. You had to be witty and clever to be a rapper back in the day.

It doesn't matter how good the lyrics in your song are if they are off beat, so make sure you make your lyrics and song sound like they belong together. Eminem, Kanye, Lil Wayne and T.

Hip hop song structure

Take your time and shop around for a reputable site with beats you like, ones that inspire you to write. But what if you don't have the time or skills to come up with your own literary devices? If you want to make a rap song you need much more than a single rap verse. There are plenty of wannabes and copycats, but there is only one you. And just keep building up the lyrics, bar after bar for 8, 12, 16 or more bars of music. Some cool ideas here: 3. Read the lyrics of Hip Hop artists you like. This kind of assignment may work best as an extra-credit assignment. Be creative. If you really want people to respect you for your lyrics and increase your chances of going mainstream, you need to learn how to put a proper song together. Not all songs have these sections, but they can help make your song less repetitive and more exciting when done correctly.

The amount of words you put into each line of your rap will partly determine how your lyrics are delivered. Record yourself rapping in front of a crowd or even alone in your room, and share it on the site along with the lyrics! Hip Hop is life. Cadence and flow is also still important.

Believe it or not, putting these boundaries in place will cause your untapped talent and creativity to surface.

how to write a song

Well, yes and no.

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How to Write a Rap Song: 7 Tips for Writing a Rap