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Gather decision makers and key stakeholders in a room, and discuss the following questions. Business is personal I believe that business is not only about commerce: services change people, both the provider and the recipient. There is no other company that has been doing it longer and our material has proven to help jump start developers 6 to 12 months ahead of their knowledge of Go. Pro tip: Make sure your definition of success has both a qualitative AND quantitative elements to get a more complete view of performance. If there are lots of ideas flying around, use affinity mapping to identify and prioritize top-level themes. This is not to say that I do not believe in being creative, of course I do. Great design is more than just good aesthetics. As an example, in any programming language there is a relationship you must balance between solving problems in the concrete and decoupling the concrete from change. They started by developing their design philosophy: a clear, succinct summary of their vision, product strategy, and goals. Contact I believe strongly that all design must have a purpose. I strongly believe that form must follow content. One of the easiest ways to boil down all of your ideas into a succinct vision and strategy statement is to use a Mad Libs exercises. The end result is designs like the Dwight D. Coming to this conclusion has taken years of trying new things until I gained the right experience and found a solution that balances my different concerns. Here are two of our favorite formats:.

Do they follow any rules, or do they follow their fancy? I have always found that once the goals and content of any piece are understood and engaged with, the most appropriate design will reveal itself in the exploration phase far more quickly than if I try to impose a particular design style onto unsuitable content.

In UX design, user goals typically come first. Or maybe more importantly, when is it not? Concrete implementations provide the algorithm efficiencies and mechanical sympathies you need for performance, but decoupling provides the adaptability you need to handle change.

Gray, C. I do not see myself simply as a designer Contact I believe strongly that all design must have a purpose.

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Good design is as little design as possible The key to good design is to subtract, not add.

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10 of the Best Design Philosophies of All Time