Globalisation for good or evil

You're looking at the wrong statistics.

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I listen to music from all over the world from Europe to Japan to Latin America and I love to travel abroad. This growth in trade has been especially acute between developed countries like the United States and emerging marketssuch as China.

It will be indeed, is governments' role to regulate such businesses and keep them honest.

is globalization good or bad essay

Globalisation has been going on for years. Or rather, those in power chose it for us.

How globalisation will benefit developed and developing countries

In a globalised market, 1st world countries only trade with poorer countries because of their raw minerals or agricultural produce being impractical or unavailable for production in 1st world countries. In fact they are endangered by it. It forces democratic governments with globalised economic standards and protocols on those who have thus far not been directly involved. However, this gain has not been without loss to others. Lower transportation costs have reduced the costs of trade, technologies have eliminated some barriers altogether, and liberal economic policies have helped lower political barriers to trade. I'm sure that globalisation can bring positive benefits to all parts of the world but I'm concerned at the cultural cost. The bosses of those companies don't. You will them in garbage collection, fruit picking, farming, butchery and even the washing of clothes. T Massaad, Texas, USA I work in computer programming and training, and was laid off about 2 years ago during the recession. This growth in trade has been especially acute between developed countries like the United States and emerging markets , such as China. This results in falling standards for both consumers and employees. The only way is to fight against these politicians and the politics that they bring with them. Positive and negative consequences of globalisation have been discussed in the article, Globalisation — good or bad? In fact, the rest of the world is heavily subsidising the consumers in the US. John Van der Meer, Columbus, Ohio Globalisation is turning this world into a homogenous Huxleian nightmare Prashant, Toronto, Canada Globalisation is turning this world into a homogenous Huxleian nightmare.

Globalisation has not worked. However, he fails to demonstrate strong support of this argument.

Globalisation for good or evil

The government is a publicly elected body. Thanks to the opening of the global trade, India has achieved an enviable lead in pharmaceutics and auto manufacturing sectors. Faith in the free market contradicts history and statistical evidence. The author postulates that developing countries do not benefit from globalisation as they do not participate in it. But quit blindly whining about how awful globalisation is. India, where the zero is invented, is again in the news for its excellent mathematical brains, visible globally as software engineering. Each level of service or widget manufactured is done faster by fewer and we all have our needs known and unknown met with less effort. It is no more 'natural' than to see elephants and penguins roaming the streets of Genoa. Peaceful global protests against globalised injustice are the best globalisation one can imagine. Peter, USA Globalization is a change, and that change will have many consequences, both beneficial and otherwise Sam, Arlington, VA Globalization is not really a new phenomenon. T J Won, Seoul, Korea Here in Africa people are wondering whether these violence-prone protesters are really interested in the plight of the underdeveloped countries. Long Live Free-Enterprise and to to those who are against it, go get a real-life education. And now it is reduced to imitating culturally and intellectually-backward societies like the United States.

Positive and negative effects of globalization. For example, a stock market that goes up in a strong country makes others fluctuate, too. Conversely the practice of commercial dumping of consumer goods and the poaching of intellect kills local industries that are uncompetitive or which are not able to pay global market based salaries.

is globalization good for humankind

Think globally, act locally!!

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The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Side Of Globalization