Gays and lesbians lobbying for the right to adopt and have a family

If the transgender lobby succeeds, there will be striking consequences for marriage, family and society at large.

lgbt parenting issues

In everyday terms, this means that only the difference and the complementary interplay of male and female uniquely reflect the image and likeness of the persons of the Trinity in creation. According to The Nation, inwhile a reserve police officer in Baton Rouge, Perkins failed to report an illegal conspiracy by antiabortion activists to his superiors.

What does this say about me that this happened to me? Focus on the Family claims they will now reach millions of people with their anti-gay propaganda and distorted science. He had also started his own ex-gay ministry, Kerusso, in The Journal was previously affiliated with the Galton Institute, a British organization formerly known as the Eugenics Society.

Each of the two sexes is a glorious gift from God — meant to be offered back to Him either in complementary unity with the other in the context of marriage for procreation and mutual delight or in celibacy for undivided devotion to Christ….

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