Functions of operations management

These differences are shown in Table Business strategies imply to supply chain configuration, sales, capacity to hold money, optimum utilisation of human resources and many more. The managers identify project defects and rectify them to ensure quality.

functions of production and operation management pdf

While each department is busily doing its specific job, operations managers have their eyes on the entire process and can intervene and make adjustments as needed.

He also makes sure that raw materials are transformed successfully into finished products. For example someone with a strong background in human resources may become an HR operations manager, overseeing the entire department.

functions of operation management ppt

Operations Management Operations Management admin Operations Management is a branch that deals with managing operations and processes within the organisation.

This may mean that they also need to resolve conflicts as they arise between employees and set policies and guidelines for how to complete tasks.

functions of operations management pdf
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Functions of production operation management