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Botulinum toxin A for focal hyperhidrosis in leg amputees: A case report. Because our facility is a government-funded hospital with extensive medical coverage for military personnel, poor prosthesis satisfaction due to hyperhidrosis is the only indication needed for treatment.

This multiplication of options has resulted from a revolution in prosthetic design, manufacture, and fitting due to the introduction of new concepts in socket design as well as a wider array of components and new materials, including heat-mold-able plastics, lightweight metals, and carbon fiber-reinforced plastics.

If the second foot is then amputated, simultaneous fitting as a bilateral amputee is far less likely to produce useful walking than if the patient had been fitted as promptly as possible after each of the separate operations. This helps prepare you for your first prosthesis fitting.

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While it is obvious that an amputation affects the amputee for the rest of his life, the need for regular lifelong prosthetic preventive maintenance is often forgotten. Because of these factors, prosthetic services can best be provided by a specific upper-limb prosthetic team.

Liners are soft and by that, they can create a far better suction fit than hard sockets.

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