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Consider long-term care insurance.

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If you were to exercise only one group of muscles for your entire life, your body as a whole would be very weak. One of the best, subtlest ways that a scammer can target you is through affinity fraud. Finish these final steps: Step B: Take your existing expenses, and then add the amount of expenses that will go up after retirement. But the truth is that Social Security is nothing less than a guaranteed stream of income, something no retiree should ever neglect. If you really understand how investing works, you know that above average returns are not consistent over an extended period of time. Advertisement Advertisement What do you do if you suspect a scam? Yet we still wear our seatbelts when we drive; we still lock our house when we go out. Some never recover.

Failing to calculate the tax-consequences of retirement. The next year, the same class fell to fourth. In other words, if you sell an investment that has risen in value, you have a capital gain.

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So you put all your money into stocks. While more than half of today's workers plan to continue working in retirement, just 1 in 5 Americans. Now determine what expenses might change after retirement.

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That means small and medium-sized companies tended to be a good investment in Another way to potentially maximize your Social Security is to claim a spousal benefit. Finally, finally use all of your frequent flyer miles.

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If you try to time the market, you can end up jumping in at exactly the wrong moment, or bailing out just as things get good again. They are not same but yes, the former is the precursor to the later. Whatever you do, remember: Social Security is a guaranteed stream of income, and should figure highly into your retirement plan. Fraud should be no different. Finally, finally use all of your frequent flyer miles. But hopefully it illustrates the point: putting all your eggs in one basket is rarely a good idea. Between minimizing your taxes, maximizing your Social Security benefit, choosing a Medicare plan, completing your estate planning and figuring out how all of these elements interconnect, preparing for retirement is a job itself. But in Year 2, the stock market performs poorly.

Medicare does not pay for long-term nursing home care unless you have "spent down" your assets, with a few exceptions.

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5 Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes