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Indicate their strengths and weaknesses and critical risks factors to your venture. Building a business without properly conducting a risk analysis is like flying a plane without regards to weather condition. Technical analysis is almost similar to economic analysis because it also involves the law of demand and supply — market fluctuation et al. What are the barriers to entry into the market? The market portion of the feasibility study identifies the target market segments and describes the scope and size of the overall industry. It assumes your feasibility study has been completed and it was determined the idea is viable. Indicate where you intend to house the business and if you intend to rent or buy. Technical Analysis There are certain aspects of setting up a business that an entrepreneur need not neglect and technical analysis is one of them. Company description: Detail the problems your business solves; its target market; its competitive advantages, compared with the competition, and anything else that makes your company superior to others: i. Service or product line: State what you will sell or provide and describe the benefits of each. All they are interested in knowing is how much is the percentage return on investment and the payback period. Your business plan should be able to point your areas of strength and weakness thereby affording you the opportunity to make provision to either acquire the technical skills required or upgrade your existing technical skills. Writing a Business Plan Writing a business plan may seem daunting, but if you take it step-by-step, it will come to fruition.

Resources Use surveys to conduct market research. Estimate your rate of return. Both documents should be written after conducting thorough research and critical thinking, and conveyed in formats that others can understand.

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Put another way, is it worth your time, effort and money to create this business? Cost: Feasibility studies can require hiring outside professionals with expertise who will conduct thorough studies, whereas business plans are written by employees of the business, as part of their jobs.

Discuss any technologies that will be employed. Location Analysis This is carried out with a view to determine the best location for the business in terms of nearness to high traffic roads, nearness to infrastructure, accessibility to customers, ease of transportation of raw materials and finished products, nearness to cheap labour, cost of land acquisition and so on.

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How will the goods get distributed to the market? A business plan details how the business will operate.

How to write a feasibility study for a small business

Market analysis will also help you to determine the size of the market, demographics and psychographics of the market, level of competition and the size of the market you can compete for. Defining Both Terms A feasibility study is done before starting a business, when you have the idea for the business but you want to make sure it's feasible, or advisable. As a final note, if conducting feasibility study is too technical for you; then consider hiring a professional or a business consultant to do the dirty work for you. Market analysis: Perform competitive research of what other businesses are doing; their strengths and weaknesses, and how and why your business will be competitive and successful in the market. Almost all business decisions require some degree of thoughtful analysis before a decision is made. A feasibility study starts with a description of the products or services to be marketed, and it outlines a model of how the business intends to make a profit. For any new project to achieve success, it must have an organizational structure designed to manage and control its operations, marketing and sales. Financial analysis will be dealing with the estimation of the total capital involved, capital expenditures, working capital; profit and loss analysis, pricing of products, cash flow projections, projected sales revenue and the entire project viability. What Is a Business Feasibility Report? Any new proposed ideas or ventures usually have an objective of somehow making a profit. Although technical analysis is majorly used in the stock market, but you can apply same principle to your startup. Conclude with supporting statements why this idea or product is feasible. Your business plan should be able to point your areas of strength and weakness thereby affording you the opportunity to make provision to either acquire the technical skills required or upgrade your existing technical skills. The truth is that if you want to run a business that has the capacity to compete globally, then you must ensure that you adopt best practices.
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