Feasibility analysis in business plan

feasibility analysis in entrepreneurship

Estimate your rate of return. Market failures, competitive pressures or unexpected developments in those products or systems may undermine your marketing efforts. Is your industry sector in a growth or decline period? For products, this generally involves establishing a system of agents and distributors to sell and ship your products to end users.

A target market is a more concise limited portion of an industry. A listing of websites which help in this research is available at the end of chapter 2. Export potential The limited size of the Australian market and the lure of valuable foreign exchange and massive international markets mean strong consideration needs to be given to your business's export potential and ability.

This is a process of sequential steps designed to critically assess the merits of the business idea, and lays the foundation for a well-reasoned and researched business plan.

difference between feasibility study and business plan ppt

Show how you have researched and come to a conclusion that your product or idea is viable.

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Feasibility Study The First step in any business plan.