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Following retirement Virender Sehwag announced his retirement from the international cricket after he was out of the team for about two years. The school was inaugurated by his mother and it was his father's dream to have an institution where student can study, stay, train and play sports.

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We pick up the action with India at for 5 in classic seaming conditions. Trumper stroked his runs at between 67 and 68 per balls; but he averaged 39 to Sehwag's Sehwag holds the record for the highest test score by an Indian, scoring against Pakistan at Multan, in Apart from the warm-up match preceding that Test, Sehwag had never opened the batting in first-class cricket before, and he had never played first-class cricket in England before.

And by doing so Tendulkar is in fact living Sehwag's primary credo, which is not that everyone must play like Sehwag, but that everyone must play like his true self.

Sehwag charges once, twice, finds fielders.

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At Kolkata in the following Test it fell by 1. This is what Sachin Tendulkar had to say:.

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This is what Sachin Tendulkar had to say:. So much so, that for all the following batsmen, a good match used to be more like a bed of roses for them to shape up their innings. This was the highest successful run chase in India and the fourth highest in Test history. He was no street-smart cricketer who would cosy up to those in power and in return be cushioned against harsh criticism. The second one was against South Africa in Chennai. India win the first Test but draw the second, so the series is still alive going into the last Test. Sehwag got a brilliant century in the next Test, at Trent Bridge, on the kind of overcast English morning where the ball starts leg and finishes at first slip. In his first international match at Mohali against the pace of Shoaib Akhtar, Sehwag floundered. Charles Davis's pioneering research into strike-rates for Wisden Australia indicates that not since Victor Trumper in batting's 'Golden Age' a century ago had an opening batsman scored at a strike-rate approaching Sehwag's 73 per balls. The background is elaborately laid out.
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My Favourite Cricketers: Virender Sehwag