Essay on modern science and islam

But I know exactly what is going on in Aligarh University. In the middle ages, the world trade was commanded by the Muslims and Baghdad, Bokhara and Samarkand remained centers for world fairs until the 16th Century.

Where is there a single book on the history of Arabic poetry in Yemen- one of the richest lands in the Islamic world of poetry.

I tried to deal with Islamic science not as a chapter in the history of Western science, but as an independent way of looking at the work of nature.

Throughout the Middle Ages there were a variety of beliefs about human development based on myths and speculations which continued for several centuries after the period. And here was one of the famous philosophers of the day [saying this was not to be]. Recent literature in the history and sociology of science, however, have shown how the development of science was shaped and influenced by its social and cultural contexts.

One of the major Abrahamic religions, Islam, has made many advances and has contributed a variety of concepts, ideas and inventions to western civilization.

I see many Muslims in the audience today, many of you, your education is paid for by your parents or your government or some university in order precisely to bring Western science back into the Muslim world.

Essay on modern science and islam

The verbatim transcript of the lecture was edited to enhance clarity and remove redundancies. Who created man from a clinging entity.

scientific discoveries from the quran

Most of these contributions have gone unnoticed throughout the years, and have been credited by various people, when in reality Muslim scholars have formulated these concepts. It is a well known fact that our planet came from its own star, the sun. That is possible only through the acquisition of adequate knowledge through a well-balanced, elaborate and all-embracing system of education.

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Essay on Islam and Science