Effects of load shedding

effect of load shedding on education

Conclusion: Remember the following We are all annoyed with load shedding - but we also have the same objective - to arrive alive at our destinations You are not more important than other road users -they might also be under stress with urgent appointments to attend Be respectful to traffic officials and pointsmen trying to assist motorists at intersections The Arrive Alive Road Safety Website would like to urge motorists to raise their concentration to aspects of road safety during load shedding.

The monthly electrical energy consumption of residential customers was analyzed from February to March In June the national utility instituted a load-shedding program to reduce energy consumption.

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By rotating the load in a planned and controlled manner, the system remains stable. This is called load shedding.

It is suggested, where possible, that drivers plan their routes and leave early to try and avoid the heavy traffic periods- this may also reduce the urge to rush. The impact of load shedding has been significant and far reaching.

Effects of load shedding

Good advice would be to slow down and thus increase the time to evade these possible dangers! Load shedding makes this even more important.

This paper investigates how load-shedding has affected the consumption of electricity by residential users in Kitwe, the second most populous city in Zambia. Also view:. Try to acquaint yourselves with schedules for load shedding There is nothing you can do to turn on the electricity - accept this and do not vent your frustrations on the roads -load shedding need not contribute towards road rage!

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The Effect of Electrical Load Shedding on Pediatric Hospital : Epidemiology