Education and its role in development of nation

Garton Ash, Timothy.

Relationship between education and national development

The findings show that even students who attend regularly can undergo a loss of motivation or become disengaged from the schools and feel unsure about continuing their studies. Both the teachers and students complain about the difficulties of the new exams; a new policy in Bangladesh which requires more wide reading and critical thinking. In fact they are influence towards national integration by sharing common national culture. This will demonstrate that teachers care about student interests, helping them feel positive about themselves so they may find a source of self-direction through education Cohen 38; In Respect of Modernisation and Others. As a result students without private tuition are unable to compete. Development of Human Resources 4. For example, many female students note that as long as they achieve good grades, their parents were more inclined to keep them in school, away from household work or marriage. Similar situations occurred with student interviews conducted in the home whereby parents would at times accompany children, potentially impacting their responses. In Respect of Modernisation: Modernisation is said to be the royal road to national development.

Thanks to Sayful Alam, Aysha Sonna and Wali Ahmed for their time and dedication and to Sean Meehan for his continuous support all throughout this project. It can be promoted by education in the following ways: i Stressing the solid contribution given by various nations in the progress of humanity.

If the teachers were trained, felt motivated, and classrooms had a better student to teacher ratio, then students would feel engaged and motivated towards learning with less incentives required.

Although some students were tracked down for home interviews, the availability of contact information was largely lacking. This explains why contemporary world attention has focused on education as an instrument of launching nations into the world of science and technology and with consequential hope of human advancement in terms of living conditions and development of the environment.

A study conducted in Cape Town, South Africa, discovered leisure boredom as a significant predictor for poor performance in school leading to dropout, especially among students aged 14 and up Wegner et al Students complained that their teachers showed very little interest in their achievements.

It is considered that a child learns 90 percent of his personality by his nurturing. Overall findings and insights infer that educational policies need to be readdressed for extensive review.

contribution of education to national development

Textbooks reveal our national values, culture, and ideology of a nation.

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Education and Development: The Backbone of a Nation