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Ensure that all employment actions, including discipline, follow this standardized criteria to make sure each employee is treated the same. Read More. The data shows that companies that break new ground are the most diverse ones. Why is that? It helps provide insight into the needs and motivations of all of your client or customer base, rather than just a small part of it. Having a diverse workforce with multi-lingual employees and employees from varying ethnic backgrounds can also be helpful for organizations who want to expand or improve operations in international, national, regional and local markets. In atmospheres when brainstorming is necessary, more ideas are formed because team members are culturally diverse. Organizations should regularly review internal policies, especially those around harassment and equal opportunity, and make sure they reflect the most current laws and regulations. Only by understanding what the ultimate goal is can you have a chance of reaching it. For an organization looking to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive workplace, it is important to understand what constitutes workplace diversity. With the many positives come some disadvantages including: communication barriers, resistance to change and negative attitudes. For starters, organizations that commit to recruiting a diverse workforce have a larger pool of applicants to choose from, which can lead to finding more qualified candidates and reducing the time it takes to fill vacant positions. More and more, professionals that may have once faced discrimination are now speaking up — and the smartest companies are beginning to take notice. Sensitivity training can help an organization manage diversity in the workplace by helping employees become more self-aware, which plays a vital role in helping employees understand their own cultural biases and prejudices. This post outlines how organizations can best approach and manage diversity in the workplace with actionable tips and advice.

Meetings and discussions could be sidelined while dealing with what should be a simple issue- communication. As more diverse ideas are suggested, the chances of finding a workable answer are improved.

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When you put together people who see the same thing in different ways, you are more likely to get a melting pot of fresh, new ideas, thus improving the creativity of your workforce. Get creative when recruiting. Further Reading. Any feedback received, both positive and negative, is valuable. Aside from antiquated hiring perceptions, there are a handful of other challenges that can arise upon the implementation of a diverse workforce. However, actually achieving it in practice has turned out to be far more difficult than anticipated. Employees are welcome and encouraged to bring concerns to higher management for discussion. In atmospheres when brainstorming is necessary, more ideas are formed because team members are culturally diverse. But, like many other challenges in your sector, with careful planning, education, and cultural unity, your company can evolve into a diverse, innovative, and harmonious powerhouse.

Update policies to accommodate different cultural perspectives Ideally, your business should update all its policies to welcome a variety of cultures and perspectives.

For example, many organizations aim to realize the performance potential of diverse teams, by then implement diversity policies primarily designed to impact the representation of certain social groups in leadership positions.

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For example, employees from China working in American companies may approach a problem totally differently than do American-born workers. In the Hult International Business School Blog, author Katie Reynolds describes some of the potential conflicts inherent in the practice, particularly in terms of cultural differences.

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The data shows that companies that break new ground are the most diverse ones. Good design is important but good implementation is vital. Workplace diversity is not just an inclusion fad - it has tangible and direct benefits.

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What are the benefits of diversity in the workplace? Some companies also offer sensitivity training online. Look for ways to incorporate a diverse range of perspectives and talents into efforts to achieve organizational goals. Having different perspectives at your business can increase your creativity and allow people to positively collaborate with one another. Post navigation. Get creative when recruiting. Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences between individuals in an organization. Although the company will assuredly reap the above-mentioned rewards, there can also be a handful of issues present, such as language barriers, cultural barriers some cultures do not promote women into executive roles, for instance , and differences in professional etiquette. Increase in Productivity Workforce diversity can bring about an increase in productivity and competitive advantages. Some companies have successfully created innovative processes by taking ideas from several employees.

Examples of this might include, where the person was raised, the school that they attended, and other skill sets that they possess that are not strictly related to everyday duties. Why is this important to your business?

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Simply borrowing one from somewhere else is unlikely to work. Policies should be put in place to handle misconduct and communicate to employees that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. Some companies have successfully created innovative processes by taking ideas from several employees. This workplace would be comprised of people with a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and characteristics. Diversity within a workplace encompasses race, gender, ethnic groups, age, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, military service and mental and physical conditions, as well as other distinct differences between people. Many bilingual workers experience an advantage when applying for jobs because employees understand the benefits of language diversity. Diversity not only includes how individuals identify themselves but also how others perceive them.

Whether or not you decide to utilize the ideas above- encourage everyone at your company to keep an open mind.

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What Is Workforce Diversity and Why Does it Matter to Your Business?