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The freed prisoner represents those who understand that the physical world is only a shadow of the truth, and the sun that is glaring the eyes of the prisoners represents the higher truth of ideas.

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If you believe that what you see should be taken as truth, then you are merely seeing a shadow of the truth. The light further represents wisdom, as even the paltry light that makes it into the cave allows the prisoners to know shapes.

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However, we mistake what we see and hear for reality and truth. The prisoner lived his life thinking that reality was what he knew in the cave, but when he left the cave, the prisoner realized that true reality was what was outside the cave.

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Plato concludes that the prisoners, if they were able, would therefore reach out and kill anyone who attempted to drag them out of the cave a. However, reading back over my last post, I do agree that I was too black and white. Temples were built for people to pray and perform sacrifice in, giving the people a common cause to. The cave represents superficial physical reality. We are basically the prisoners chained to a wall of ideas that politicians are doing their job correctly to help us as the people. The amount of "true to life" content in a show, especially one with dragons and wizards doesn't connect at all to what Plato is saying about the Cave. Off the topic at hand, in the interest of being taken seriously as someone interested in taking part in a genuine philosophical discussion, don't feel like you need to cap off your comments with an "lol, interwebz, who cares" tag to distance yourself from what's said. In Plato's "Allegory" we see mankind in a state of imprisonment. The media has created a false view on how people act or portray themselves. But the rest of the tele and the net is filled with false advertising, gender-roles, corporate and political bias, and general ignorance so yes i'm not confident but i think plato if he say our modern times would somewhat agree there is some merit in the idea that tv and the internet has become the "shadows" from the allegory of the cave Or i'm wrong and your right who cares it's the internet after all No mods - 5 years ago In reply to DomWazHere, I think you're missing the point again and getting lost in one little detail of the overall story.

It's ok to express your thoughts and discuss them with others, and if it turns out something in what's said doesn't hold up to examination, that's actually a good thing. It begins with the assumption that if a group of prisoners had their necks and hands chained down in a cave; they would be unable to see behind themselves.

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They advertise on how people should be just in general such as in dressing, body image, and in behavior.

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Plato's Allegory Of The Cave Compared To The Human