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Egyptians wrote on papyrus, like the paper we use today. Religion, classes and governments are examples of aspects that lead to change in punishments. Thus Other Popular Essays. Sumer civilization invented the wheel. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia were polytheistic, that is, they believed their worlds were ruled by more than one god.

The massive building projects of the Giza Plateau and throughout Egypt required heavy lifting and precision surveying technology that did not exist even years ago. People also fashioned ways to communicate with each other.

Both civilizations had similarities, but also had their differences just like everything in life. Used for transportation and trading on the Nile River.

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Mesopotamia and Egypt were both in flood basins of major rivers. These differences and similarities can be seen between their societies, their style of art, and their innovations that contributed to modern day. Not all civilizations, however, leave a lasting mark on the world, especially not one so profound that influences the world as it exists today.

Finally we can use the idea of the cross also to illustrate that one of the purposes for jewelry has not changed; religious significance. Some scholars argue that the use of the cross does not date back to Christ, but rather all the way back to ancient Egypt and their use of the ankh.

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Egypt and Sumer Civilizations Compare and Contrast free essay sample