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Jan 21, Blaise M. She did come across as rather opinionated at times and had a few contradicting points of view. Status This course offering is full.

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See the comment in the earlier section. It was an excellent Course!

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She presented the material in a professional manner and ensured we were all engaged. I think she made the course, actually. Past Participant, Esri Canada Mar 22, A good course with lots of relevant information for my job. She was enthusiastic and a pleasure to learn from. The time went by so fast because she made it fun and is a great facilitator and asset to your organization! Past Participant, LoyaltyOne Inc. If you register without the prerequisite, you will be automatically dropped from the course without notice. Oct 1, Mary W. The use of dashes in the text instead of commas confused a few people. I really enjoyed the section on Correspondence formats.

What a fantastic workshop! Understands that some of the rules and advice are for our own safety - I especially appreciated that. Ashley B. Important course information will be sent to you prior to your course start date.

Lew was very efficient and made us want to learn.

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She understands that students are sometimes unhappy with a particular business scenario in their own life - it's OK to know that and "the rules" are meant to help you survive what is unpleasant or dangerous. Franca was excellent. The time went by so fast because she made it fun and is a great facilitator and asset to your organization! Apr 22, The course material was very clear and I will be able to reference it in my day to day work. Also, she conducted the course in a good pace. I am on such a high. Oct 30, Nina S. Reg's class was a pleasure to attend. Overall good training. Past Participant, ETR Jan 17, Course content was good, but can use some work in material that is applicable to business writing in Canada, and more applicable topics in case studies where we had to edit long passages.
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