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Use this page 6 to introduce key shareholders and team members and reference how their relevant experience and unique skill set will help support and grow your business. Customize this Business Plan template Talk about where the industry stands today. Identify marketing opportunities that make sense for your industry and will result in the highest return on investment ROI. By keeping it simple, the recipient will be able to easily digest the information, as well as get a better understanding of your potential audience. Feel free to add emotion here, with a founder's story or personal passion. For any entrepreneur, a solid business plan is a must. Make it unique to your company, make it memorable, keep it real and, just for fun, imagine it on the bottom of a coat of arms. Much like the Title page, the Mission page page 3 is a branding exercise. These templates are especially helpful in providing you a professional-looking, cohesive and well-structured document that you can present to financiers, investors, colleagues, or to your organization. Customize this Business Plan template Aim for your target. Each section of your business plan should be represented in the table of contents page 2 with a word, actionable, inspiring Subtitle. As with any business, the key is to remain agile.

One clear way of communicating this market analysis visually is by using a Venn Diagram. Breakout specific market research stats on this slide, that represent interesting and compelling aspects of your industry's potential.

This "Product-Market Fit" section of your business plan is especially popular with venture capitalists. You can easily duplicate the slides to add more headers or more components to the Free Business Plan Template.

Be prepared to "tell a story" about each data point that proves your value proposition. The key element here is your company mission statement. Some ideas include total revenue globally or nationally ; increase in growth year-over-year for a decade; or number of products on the market currently.

You can insert various slide layouts like, Title and Content, Comparison, Picture with Caption, and many more.

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Share this post:. First, map out where you stand in terms of sales compared to your competition to help visualize the landscape.

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Each section of your business plan should be represented in the table of contents page 2 with a word, actionable, inspiring Subtitle. Next, we'll discuss your company's competitors in more detail.

While your product or service may have many key selling points and features, these should be the most important three.

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