Bismarck and cavour

Thus Bismarck and Cavour had similar tactics and goals, but Bismarck did not need help in attaining them. Whereas Cavour had a problem with the people, Bismarck had them eating from his hands. Cavour also had the Austrians as opponents.

cavour unification of italy

For example, both were monarchists, whom worked for a king, and wanted things to stay that way. Italian unification is exactly what Garibaldi achieved. Cavour discussed and planned how to do things, yet never really participated. His diplomacy paved the way for Italy's unification.

unification of italy and germany

Cavour- unlike Bismarck —was not seen in the public too much. Cavour and Bismarck were successful in unifying their own areas. He participated in a series of wars to try and expand his power but also to try and gain allies.

realpolitik bismarck and cavour

How to cite this page Choose cite format:. He wanted a strong monarchy, army and industrial base.

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Cavour vs. Bismarck